Different solutions integrated into a unique Cybersecurity protection system



IT Security
Cloud Security
OT Security

Security is the absolute business priority in the digital era.

IT Security

Solutions for the protection of your corporate data in a cloud environment.

Cloud Security

Cyber protection of the system for digital infrastructure management.

OT Security

Your Business

Your Business Guardians


PULSEC provides companies with optimized solutions and services in information security. Thanks to the comprehensive analysis and leading solutions we provide, our clients have strategic access to the protection of their resources.



Multi-layer architecture for optimal protection of modern business

To secure the availability and reliability of the network and preserve the integrity and privacy of your data, we apply multi-layer protection methodology at all cyber-attack susceptible points within your network. This way, we significantly reduce the possibility for potential security breaches and business risks, protecting your organization’s reputation along the way.

Methodology for protection of end-user devices

In the past 10 years we have witnessed tectonic changes in the way we work. In addition to doing business remotely, we also use a growing number of different end-user devices to efficiently and comfortably accomplish our work tasks. However, this way of working entails certain risks, and the question is how to reduce them and protect the corporate ecosystem from frequent threats that come through end-user devices.



Reduce the risk of misuse of critical data

In highly competitive industries, data loss damages brand reputation, undermines customer’s trust and can lead to business failure. Organizations around the world are placing increasing emphasis on protecting the most sensitive resources – data.

All traditional IT protection functionalities, guaranteeing organizations maximum data protection

To use all advantages of cloud computing and at the same time protect resources in your organization from unauthorized access, data theft, and other threats, the right solution to protect your business in the cloud environment is crucial.



Protection of industrial plant management systems, SCADA, and IoT systems in various industries

Critical infrastructure includes all branches of industry of strategic importance for the functioning of a country. This notion varies from country to country, but several continually critical industries are electricity generation and distribution, water supply and treatment, mining, air, and rail.

PULSEC Services

Analysis and Consulting

  • Analysis of business needs and prioritizing phases of application of cybersecurity solutions
  • Creation of cybersecurity strategy
  • Preparation of a solution according to specific needs of any user
  • Education in the field of the latest Cybersecurity trends for each industry niche.

Integration and Implementation

  • Our team of architects and cybersecurity engineers is ready to react to the most sophisticated threats and challenges in all phases of the life cycle of our users’ infrastructure and services susceptible to cyber-attacks.
  • Implementing and integrating cybersecurity solutions into the corporate environment
  • Response to cyber-incidents
  • 24/7 support and maintenance


24/7 Support. Our SOC monitors and analyzes your network, servers, databases, applications, website, and other systems, looking for anomalies and activities that may indicate a security breach or threat. PULSEC team monitors, analyzes, reports, and solves any potential and occurring problems.